Cinematography Course: Become Fluent in the Cinematic Language!

Our cinematography course lets you uncover the secrets behind crafting breathtaking compositions and evoking emotions through a lens! Be shaped into a skilled visual storyteller with the help of experts & cutting-edge equipment!


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  • Gain Creative Insights from renowned & Experienced Cinematographers & Filmmakers.
  • The curriculum is built to cover both the art & tools of Cinematography. Build your creative portfolio & be industry-ready!
  • Special focus on Cinematography, Photography, and Motion for a holistic perspective for visual storytelling.
  • Shadow a Cinematograph on set & learn on the go from real settings!
  • Learn in comfortable languages. Comfortable and clear communication via English, Hindi, and Marathi!
  • Students can explore the State-of-the-Art Infrastructure for their projects & avail countless amenities!
  • Gain Lifetime Mentors in the form of Celebrated & Renowned Industry Professionals.

What you can learn

cinematographer on set
  • Image, Optics, and Cinematic Motion
  • Advanced Cinematography
  • Advanced Photography
  • Advanced Camera Technologies
  • Advanced Lighting
  • Cinema & Colour
  • Art & Screen Design
  • Sound Design
  • Key Cinematographers in Film History
  • Cinematographers at Work (Shadow a Cinematographer)
cinematographer on set

Why Learn Cinematography at DPIFS?

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Harness the Power of Filmmaking!

Turn your Passion into a Stable Career by exploring all aspects of filmmaking in a state-of-the-art setting & via industry experts & professionals!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will we be learning only theory or also practical?

We focus more on practical learning. Explore real cinematography.

What topics are covered in the Cinematography course?

The course covers subjects like camera operation, lighting techniques, composition, and visual storytelling.

Are there any hands-on practical exercises during the course?

Yes, students typically engage in practical exercises to apply their learning in real-world scenarios.

What career opportunities are available after completing the Cinematography course?

Graduates can pursue careers as cinematographers, camera operators, or work in the film and television industry.

Can I learn about different cinematography styles or genres, such as documentary or experimental filmmaking?

Yes, Cinematography courses often explore various styles and genres, including documentary, experimental, narrative, and commercial filmmaking

Can international students apply?

Yes! Simply fill up the application form and our team will contact you for further details.

Still have questions ?

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