Acting Course: Unleash Your Inner Performer!

Develop the skills and techniques necessary to captivate audiences. Get guidance to embody characters & deliver authentic performances from renowned actors. Embrace your passion for acting and get a chance to unlock the potential within you through a global standard syllabus & frequent workshops!


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  • Gain Creative Insights from Renowned Actors in the Industry.
  • The curriculum is built to explore all styles & types of acting! Build a creative portfolio & be industry-ready!
  • Special focus on Method Acting, Voice Acting, Dubbing, Character Study, Presence, Expressions, and Emotions so that you can step into the shoes of any character!
  • Special workshops at AdiShakti, learn at one of India's biggest theatre and research laboratory & centre.
  • Learn in comfortable languages. Comfortable and clear communication via English, Hindi, and Marathi!
  • Students can explore the State-of-the-Art Infrastructure for their projects & avail countless amenities!
  • Gain Lifetime Mentors in the form of Celebrated & Renowned Industry Professionals.

What you can learn

  • Styles of Acting: Classical & Traditional; Realistic & Non-Realistic
  • Actor’s Presence: Conviction and Confidence
  • Group Building: Sharing and Interaction
  • Actor to Character Process: Character Study
  • Movement, Rhythm, Gesture & Posture
  • Voice Acting: Pronunciation of Syllables, Monologue & Dialogue
  • Emotions & Expressions: The Genesis of Emotions
  • Sound and Dubbing
  • Basic Grooming and Modelling (Portfolio Shoot)
  • Basics of Dance

Why Learn Acting at DPIFS?

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Harness the Power of Filmmaking!

Turn your Passion into a Stable Career by exploring all aspects of filmmaking in a state-of-the-art setting & via industry experts & professionals!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pursue acting as a career without any prior experience or training?

While prior experience or training can be beneficial, DPIFS welcomes aspiring actors with different levels of experience.

What performance opportunities are available for students during the programmes?

Acting schools often provide students with various performance opportunities, such as showcases, plays, student films, or collaborations with other artistic organizations.

Are there any opportunities to network with industry professionals?

Acting schools often invite guest speakers, industry professionals, or alumni to share their experiences and insights with students. Also, the collaboration with Adishakti Theatre Arts will add value.

How do acting schools prepare students for auditions?

Acting schools typically offer audition preparation classes or workshops, where students learn techniques for monologues, cold readings, and scene study.

Can acting schools help with post-graduation career opportunities?

Acting schools often offer career guidance and support services to students. This may include resume building, headshot advice, industry showcases, or connections to talent agents.

Can international students apply?

Yes! Simply fill up the application form and our team will contact you for further details.

Still have questions ?

Can’t find the answer you are looking for? Please chat with our friendly team!